About IF Pluss Köping

The association If Pluss Köping’s business idea is to conduct sports and motivational activities for and with disabled participants

We have operations in bowling, floorball, football, table tennis, athletics. In the summers we play football as a summer activity. Sometimes we get invitations to participate in floor hockey tournaments. In our clubhouse, we have the opportunity for simpler exercise sports such as table tennis.

The association has its own website, Ifpluss.se, with information about activities, the board, and more. Floorball can be followed on our facebook page

In bowling, there are two training groups with about 35 training sessions per year and group. We have a team in the local hall league. When it comes to competition activities, IF Pluss arranges its own cups and participates in competitions in other places.

Floorball has two training groups right now. Children and juniors / seniors. Juniors / seniors train twice a week and the younger ones train once a week.

We usually participate in 2-3 cups organized by other associations within the parasport association and plan to organize ”Plusscupen” and ”Bissenbrainwalk cup” in Köping with guests from nearby counties. A few times a season, training is arranged with other teams.

We will develop our social meeting point evenings and weekends. In our clubhouse on Trädgårdsgatan, members will be able to meet to socialize, have coffee, play table tennis, darts, video games and more. Various themes such as health, diet, personal finances, girls’ night and more will be on the program.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

We welcome you!

Last updated 2022-08-01